Seed Starting

Tomato and basil seeds all tucked in

Jiffy pots

It’s two weeks later than I had planned, but I got some seeds planted yesterday. I’ve used all kinds of seed-starting systems and methods over the years. They all seem to work. This year, I have Jiffy pots.

To get them ready for the seeds, I soaked them for about 20 minutes. That was maybe a little too long.

Soak Jiffy pots before planting

Jiffy pots get a bad rap for drying out if you aren’t watching closely, so over-soaking won’t hurt. It made a mess, though.

I planted basil, tomatoes and amaranth. Next weekend, it will be zinnias. April 15th, I will start pumpkins, cucumbers and squash.

The pots are in a clear plastic container. I put the lid on to create a little greenhouse. Dollar store popsicle sticks are my favorite labeling method. Write on them with a pen. When the seedlings grow true leaves, I will transplant into larger pots. Probably recycled red solo cups. The grow light will also come in handy then.

My outdoor planting goal is the last week of May. Average last frost date isn’t the guideline I normally follow. I’m more interested in soil temperatures consistently in the 55-60 degree range to keep my plants’ toes happy.


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