Boise River Restoration

Water to flow in a forgotten channel

The Intermountain Bird Observatory at Boise State University is working to awaken a long-lost channel of the Boise River.

“A side channel of the Boise River that’s been mostly dry for decades will flow with water once again thanks to a restoration project at the Intermountain Bird Observatory’s Diane Moore Nature Center. The half-mile side channel, said Greg Kaltenecker, IBO founder and director, “will be the centerpiece of our education and outreach.” Kaltenecker hopes the project will benefit water quality in the area as well as habitat for fish and other wildlife. The project, he added, will demonstrate best practices in ecological restoration. Micron Technology, the City of Boise, the College of Western Idaho, the Golden Eagle Audubon Society and private donors are supporting the project.”

IBO at Boise State


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