Kyoto Owners Retire

The Lisa Roll sushi

Le and Vincent, Kyoto Japanese Steakhouse

I saw a post on the Kyoto Japanese Steakhouse Facebook page announcing that the owners are retiring. I LOVE these people. Happy retirement Le and Vincent.

We used to take our daughter in her baby carrier to this restaurant, and have celebrated birthdays at Kyoto for 20 years. It’s my favorite sushi place. I still love to gather around the grill for fresh fried rice, chicken, steak and shrimp – and yes, I try to catch a shrimp in my mouth!

Celebrating my husband Dwayne’s birthday at Kyoto in 2011

Here is my favorite dish: The Lisa Roll.

The Lisa Roll at Kyoto

We will miss you Le and Vincent!

For those who have lived in the Treasure Valley a long time, the Kyoto restaurant is in an old Shakey’s pizza location.


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