Freed Spirits Animal Rescue

I hugged a cow

During my recent visit with my parents in Arizona, we took a trip to an animal rescue owned by cousins a couple of times removed. It’s called Freed Spirits Animal Rescue, located on the outskirts of Phoenix. It’s a peaceful place where you can take a deep breath and hang out with all kinds of critters.

This is Hamilton. He was acquired as a baby. He tried to eat my skirt.

Volunteers help with chores and care. The donkeys love this woman. She combs and loves them every day.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a horse that big in person.

Aspen the goat is a gentle soul who is always hungry for treats. My mom obliged the begging.

I hugged this cow. Annabelle is small for her age, probably because of a harsh beginning. But now she is spoiled. She has a heart on her forehead!


The girl above instantly stole my heart. Molly, a pot-bellied pig. She comes over and flops down for belly rubs.

This is a small animal rescue and every little donation is appreciated. Here is the link:\

Swag available:

The nonprofit can also be selected as a beneficiary through the Amazon Smile program.


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