Titanic Perspective

Boise landmark comparisons

Eriks Garsvo put together an interesting comparison of the Titanic against the Boise landscape. Don’t miss the Titanic exhibit at the Discovery Center of Idaho.

So How big was the Titanic? Let’s put into a Boise perspective. The Titanic was 885.9ft long and as tall as a 17 story building. From the keel to the bridge is about 104ft. The Boise depot bell tower is 96ft so if you were to stand in the bell tower you would be right at the forward well deck height (which is located right behind the bow) the bell tower is just about the height to the first class promenade deck which is located just below the boat deck.

To place it in downtown Boise you could walk the entire ship by walking from 8th street down Capitol to Bannock and walk the length of the ship and the key bank office building would be the top of the smoke stacks.

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