Take the Expo Idaho Survey

Chime in on the future of the fairgrounds property

A citizen advisory committee came up with three possible scenarios for the future of the Western Idaho Fairgrounds/Expo Idaho property. It’s more than 200 acres.

They’ve posted a survey outlining three possibilities. A focus on agriculture and history; sports and recreation; a Garden City townsite.

It’s a huge property, so elements of all three may be possible.

Take the survey here:

Background on how the committee came up with the proposals here:


1 comment on “Take the Expo Idaho Survey

  1. Gary Parfit

    This is a wonderful piece of property, if given to developers it will become another commercial venture full of grot shops and shoddy luxury apartments complete with garbage, crime, litter, and congestion, the sort of thing that is appearing all over Ada county.
    We need to keep the campground, the ballpark, the fairgrounds and try to get some wisdom for the race track away from money drive men who have no hearts.


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