Boise Revival Project

Live music to support artists and businesses

A new project in Downtown Boise, spearheaded by our friends at Firenza Pizza, where the local music performances will be hosted.

“In working together to restore life to downtown, we have the opportunity to be part of a revitalization, parallel to the Roaring 20’s. It’s clear we all long to gather again in the heart of our city with friends and neighbors, to hear live music and revel in our favorite venues and businesses.

The intent of The Boise Revival Project is to turn that longing into action, and help refocus resources and energy toward the goal of a more vibrant city center .Join us for live music and community… together again in downtown Boise. Our hope is that businesses in downtown Boise will find a way to join us in the Revival Project over the coming months and beyond.

Here’s how we are collaborating:

Have been hit hard in downtown Boise. The day to day work force hasn’t been working from downtown for more than a year which means restaurants are faced with a drastic reduction in business. Most have been holding on by a very thin thread— restaurants need support and hope again.

Have lost most and likely all gigging opportunities during the past year. Their livelihood has nearly been wiped out. Musicians need support and opportunities to perform their craft.

The past year has changed us all. We believe music will help heal, inspire and repair the broken pieces and build a bridge back to each other again.

Event tickets purchased will support the this revival in downtown Boise.”

First concert, Naomi Song, May 6th. Tickets:


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