Vaccine Dreams

Pink oceans and corn rabbits

The pink ocean in my side effect dreams

The side effects after my second COVID-19 vaccine were rough. I couldn’t work the next day because of vomiting and blackouts. Sleeping was fitful, and when I did sleep, the dreams were fun.

My heart was racing so fast that at times, my Apple Watch thought I was doing a workout and asked if I wanted to listen to a podcast.

This might explain why in my dreams, I owned a magic bracelet that I could use to change the color of my aura.

I went to the coast and the ocean was pink. This was normal. It was a lovely day with a light breeze and people flying kites.

I also met the cutest little animals. Corn rabbits. Little floofs with fur that naturally grew in patterns that looked like an ear of corn. Little kernels for texture. I petted them, and even with the bumps, they were so soft. Very snuggly, too.



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