Top Trending Recipe is What?

Of course, I clicked(e)

A top trending recipe on Pinterest

When I checked Pinterest to see the most popular recipe of the day, it was this one. Which might be delicious but, “Potatoe?” I suppose if you spell it that way, you get attention. So it might be genius. It might an honest mistake. We know that history.

I saw this display at the Western Idaho Fair a few years ago.

I couldn’t see the stamped marking on the “potatoe” planter, but I believe it was likely spelled “potatoe.” Whether it was correct or not, it probably didn’t matter to those interested in acquiring a piece of farm equipment.

Oxford Dictionary posted a blog in 2013 detailing the variations in spelling that persisted up into the 1980s. While I would have liked to link to that post, it’s been removed.

The word “potato” comes from either patata or batata.

And about the word “spud?” No one is sure where that came from.


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