Record Box Surprise

Ever heard of Matt Pimperl?

Vintage 45 record case

My Aunt Barb gave me this record case, which used to belong to a friend of hers from Austria. What an interesting case and collection.

Let’s start with Matt Pimperl. Several of his 45s are inside, plus a promo photo.

I mean, this photo IS 1976. Right? I’ve never heard of him, but the music is familiar.

That’s a Four Tops hit from 1973. I will pop this one into my jukebox to find out what it sounds like. There are a couple of other 45s from him in the case, too.

According to a Google search: “Matt Pimperl was the later owner of the Chicago restaurant Math Igler’s Casino which was billed as “Home Of The Singing Waiters.” Vintage photos and more info here.

While the case is cardboard and vintage, the company, Tunes Totes, still exists and sells cases in similar patterns.


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