Boise Little Theater Pinball Machine

A green room legacy finds a new home

Playfield on Jumping Jack pinball machine

Since many of you know that my family is crazy about pinball, I’ve been tagged and messaged about the pinball machines in the green room at Boise Little Theater several times. The machines had been there for years. BLT had a yard sale over the weekend, cleaning out props and costumes, and the pinball machines went to new homes, too.

This one went to my pinball clubhouse/museum in Garden City, called Ugly Gold Couch. It’s Jumping Jack, from 1973.

For now, it’s in the repair room. We spent a couple of hours cleaning it and doing an inventory of parts needed for restoration.

I can’t wait to show you the finished product in a couple of weeks. A big thank you to the family that made arrangements for this machine to go to a space where the public can enjoy it.

Dwayne Smith, co-owner of Ugly Gold Couch pinball museum


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