If You Know, You Know

Vinyl history notes

Three styles of 45 adapters

More digging around in a platter case my Aunt gave me recently, which used to belong to a family friend from Austria. About a dozen 45 adapters were at the bottom of the case. The yellow ones are the ones I remember using as a teen. The red style and the black style, I had never seen before.

Some are still in the records.

A closer look at this one. Obviously not for the US market.

Heint Je was a child star in Germany, although he was born in the Netherlands. He changed his name later to Heintje Simons. He most recently released a Christmas album in 2017.

And although there is no adapter in this 45, I love the Decca sleeve.

I thought the song title was funny. Turns out this is the “B” side to “Yes, Sir That’s My Baby.” 1957.


1 comment on “If You Know, You Know

  1. I love these! I hadn’t seen any of the designs before—I thought they only came in solid black. And the Decca sleeve is fantastic.


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