Vintage Toy Factory

Prehistoric 3D printing

Disney Toy Factory at the Pinball Hall of Fame, Las Vegas

I could hear a kiddo asking if this “Toy Factory” was a 3D printer during my visit to the Pinball Hall of Fame museum in Las Vegas. I can see why, since figurines are made while you wait.

It’s a relic designed to promote Disneyland. The model above is 1961. The “Mold-A-Rama” machines were set up at the New York World’s Fair (’64-’65’).

There are two at the Pinball Hall of Fame. The other one molds a Donald Duck.

While the museum is mostly pinball machines, all kinds of arcade games and coin-operated oddities are there, too.

You can smell the hot plastic used to mold the shapes.

Each machine makes one character. They are not brightly colored, like the display. The idea is that you take them home and paint them.

Next time I’m at the Pinball Hall of Fame, I’ll drop $4 in quarters to see one made.

I stopped by the museum during a recent road trip to Arizona.


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