Pinball Spellcheck

"Keap Out" "Go Bak"

“Pie Son” Snakes?

One of the pinball machines on our repair row has interesting illustrations. I don’t know if a “PIE SON” snake is a good thing or bad thing? The Rancho pinball machine is from 1976.

Rancho is in a group of machines waiting to be repaired. A lot of cleaning, parts to be replaced, and critters evicted [yes, that happens].

Look closely at the machine on the left. The back glass artwork has flaked off. That can’t be repaired. By the way, that happened because of water dripping onto the machine for a long time. There are scarier problems inside. We’re not sure if it can be saved.

At my clubhouse in Garden City, there are nearly 50 machines ready to play. More information about our private collection, which is available to the public, can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/UglyGoldCouch


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