Dive Bar Tour: The Symposion

The summer plan is one bar a week

My husband and our friend, Dave Fellows, had never been to The Symposion (2801 Fletcher St.), so we all met for Fireball shots and beer Friday night.

It was the beginning of a summer plan of once-a-week stops at local dive bars, especially ones that might be at risk.

The Symposion is in that category. The land has been in developer hands for a couple of years.

This bar is famous for being dog-friendly. There was one dog while we were there, a magnificent harlequin Great Dane.

The building used to house the offices of Goodman Oil company. There’s a safe across from the bar. We wondered what was inside and the bartender opened it up for us. I won’t spill the beans here, though. Go ask for yourself.

There was a small bowl of popcorn served to our table, poured right from a freshly-popped bag of microwave popcorn. Just the kind of charm that’s good for the soul.



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