Peeling a Pinball Machine

Time-consuming restoration

Oddly satisfying pulling up this sticky plastic stuff from a vintage pinball machine. It’s a kind of tape? A lot of sticky residue and it’s brittle.

The machine is Mata Hari, Bally Manufacturing, 1978. The solid state version.

Obviously, neglected for decades.

A clue that this machine was manufactured for the German market. “DM” on the coin door is another clue, “deutsche mark.”

Two deutsche mark in 1978 equaled about ?? My guess is around $1 US dollar. If you know, let me know.

Underneath the plastic and goo, the play field looks good. It will be a long process of peeling and Goo Gone.

Then on to the other “problems,” like a missing soundboard.

At least there isn’t any mouse poop!


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