The Bakery Across the Street

El Rico Pan Bakery

Across the street from the studios is this gem. The El Rico Pan Bakery, 5220 W Fairview Ave.

So many treats and no labels. Fortunately, a couple shopping at the same time gave me some guidance.

Mostly sweets, but some of these rolls were savory.

No prices displayed.

I filled two bags with twists, turnovers, cookies, and a cinnamon roll.

At checkout, I learned it was about $9 total. What?

I stopped in because my daughter asked me to bring something sweet home.

Everything was delicious, but about the sweetness, even the sweetest-looking treats were not overly sweet. I’ve never had bakery items like these before. I will be back.

Description from their Facebook page: Pan dulce mexicano, pasteles para toda ocacion, 3 leches, marble, mil hojas 


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