Dive Bar Tour: 44 Club

Visiting iconic watering holes

The 44 Club was the next stop on our summer plan to visit small bars that have been part of the Boise landscape for decades, but we hadn’t been to before. Or, maybe it was a really long time since the last visit.

It’s a project for myself, my husband Dwayne Smith, and our friend, Dave Fellows. Our first stop a couple of weeks ago was the Symposion.

The 44 Club has karaoke every night.

It was hot inside. We cooled off with shots of Fireball served in glasses from the freezer, and sipped some beer. No singing for us.

I’m pretty sure the last time I was in this club was in the 1980s for a radio promotion about a wet T-shirt contest.



3 comments on “Dive Bar Tour: 44 Club

  1. Nicolette

    This place holds a special spot in my heart. My sister Hunter worked here as a bartender, and has shared many stories with me about it. I’ve seen countless pictures of her working here and videos of her singing karaoke. I’ve met many of her friends whom she made while working here. Hunter died last year, but her memory lives on. Anytime I see any news about the 44 club, I’m inclined to read about it. Can’t wait until I can visit again, grab a drink, and sing a song in her name..


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