Dive Bar Tour: Vista Bar

Checking off a local bar to-do list

The summer dive bar tour continues. Myself, my husband Dwayne Smith, and our friend Dave Fellows have a long list of iconic and neighborhood bars to visit.

We order a shot of Fireball and a beer chaser.

The Vista Bar, now called the Vista Uptown Bar, isn’t so dive-y anymore. A lot of improvements since I last visited several years ago.

A classic A-frame in the center is a giveaway that this location has a history. Dave thinks it was a chicken restaurant with a drive-through.

Pool, darts and pinball. You know we love pinball, and it was the first time we got to play the new Led Zeppelin machine from the Stern Pinball company.

Other stops on our tour so far: The 44 Club and the Symposion.



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