Hollyhocks as Toys

Anyone else remember the flower fairies?

My grandmother’s backyard was lined with towering hollyhocks. They’re often categorized as an “old-fashioned” flower. I love ’em.

I planted a few seeds about 10 years ago. By the way, plant seeds in early fall so they germinate and then bloom the following year.

Bees and butterflies buzz around the blossoms all day, and their pollen-gathering leads to all sorts of hybrid colors over time. The deep velvety red one is new this year.

Anyone else remember flower fairies?

Pull off two flower heads, one that hasn’t opened fully and another that has. Leave a bit of the stem at the bottom of the unfurled flower. It’s a sturdy nub that fits into the matching end of another flower head.

Once the flowers are gone and the stems dry up, the stalks turn into walking sticks, swords and magic wands.


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