Aqua-Torium and a Tidy Bowl

Boiseana notes

I love this glimpse of Boise history today from the History of Boise, Idaho – from 1863 group on Facebook.

Boise’s other Torium, the Aqua-Torium.

Ad for Kenny Hammond’s Aqua-Torium on Boise Ave. Now about where Bergeson and S. Parkriver drive meets Boise Ave. Opened in 1959 burned down in 1963.

In the 1976 the pool was still there and discovered by the local thrashers Mike Neal, Mitch York, Mike Fortin, Ian Smith, Brian Schroeder and Bob Harper who had dubbed themselves the Z-BOIZ and tagged the old Aqua-Torium as the “Tidy Bowl”. The Tidy bowl held its first, and only, competition in 1978. The pool was used as the Tidy Bowl for another year, ending in 1979.

~Bob Hartman, History of Boise, Idaho – from 1863


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