Pesto Time

My kitchen smells like summer

The basil in my garden beds is really happy this year. The plants have become small shrubs, so it’s time to cut them back.

I filled three paper bags with cuttings for drying. In a couple of weeks, I’ll pluck the leaves from the stems.

I used one large bunch to make pesto.

About two cups of basil leaves, a couple of cloves of minced garlic, a tablespoon of coarse sea salt, a half a cup of olive oil, and about a half cup of fresh Parmesan.

Give it all a couple of whirls in a food processor and that’s it. Although toasted pine nuts are a traditional ingredient, I usually skip those.

I will put some in the freezer. I plan to make a creamy pesto dressing for my salad today. Add a little mayo and apple cider vinegar.

My kitchen smells like summer.


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