Not Exactly As Advertised

We got pinball punked


A Facebook post about an estate sale over the weekend caught our attention. We’re always looking for pinball machines to restore, and Big Game is a fun and funky machine. We have one at our clubhouse that belongs to our friend Sharky, waiting in the restoration room.

The game is a cross between bingo and a jungle adventure.

My husband and I decided on a price we would be willing to pay, assuming it would be broken because that’s normal. We loaded up supplies to be ready to disassemble a machine for transport.

The estate sale was in Caldwell. We did a quick walk-through of the garage, all the bedrooms, the patio and the basement. Finally, we asked where the Big Game pinball machine was.

One of the workers dug around in a box and presented us with this broken toy.

And we laughed and laughed and went home and had another pot of coffee.


P.S. We did not buy it

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