Squash Troubleshooting

Bees required for success

Shriveled zucchini.

Dead pumpkins. But notice the pumpkin behind it that is healthy. Both of the photos are from my garden.

Squash plant fruit sometimes doesn’t make it and there are several possible reasons why this happens.

Most often, pollination wasn’t successful. Bees may not have found the flowers. Or, male and female flowers weren’t blooming at the same time.

Adverse growing conditions can also be to blame. Extreme heat is most damaging and we sure had our share of that.

Squash bugs can ruin fruit production, and squash vine borer will take out the whole plant.

The good news about squash plants is that they are prolific, so it’s likely other fruit on the same plant will survive.

Have you been seeing a lot of dead fruit?


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