Murder Hornets!

Does this look scary to you?

The Bee City USA-Garden City Pollinator Party was Saturday at Garden City Hall. So much to learn, and I got to see Asian giant hornets, “murder hornets,” up close. Under glass. Long dead. Imported from Asia.

Here’s the thing. I thought they would be so much bigger and scarier looking.

Entomologist Paul Castrovillo told me people in Idaho have thought they’ve seen these hornets hundreds of times. They’ve sent in photos and samples, and they’re usually one of two species: western cicada killers or horntail wasps.

Dr. Paul Castrovillo

If you think you see an Asian giant hornet, take photos, try to capture it live, and contact Dr. Castrovillo right away at the Idaho State Department of Agriculture,

One more thing about the “murder hornets.” Castrovillo says in Asia, people aren’t generally afraid of them. They are slow flyers. Kids have been known to knock them out of the air with sticks. Plus, the roasted wasps are considered delicious.


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